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Innovative Housing Solutions

Urban Awnings Housing™, a new typology of housing, provides innovative housing solutions to address the housing crisis in California and beyond.

Welcome to Urban Awnings Housing™, where innovation meets housing solutions. We are proud to present a groundbreaking concept in the realm of living spaces—a new housing typology designed to address the diverse needs of students, the workforce, and individuals in need of affordable housing, including those who are homeless or at risk. Through a unique collaboration with The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and a relentless pursuit of architectural and construction innovation, we are redefining what it means to provide comfortable and sustainable homes in urban environments.


Innovation: New Housing Typology

Urban Awnings Housing™ introduces groundbreaking innovations that revolutionize the concept of high-density, neighborhood-scale living.


Our project combines design excellence with

high-performance and sustainable structures.


The distinctive awning structure over the Compact Multi-family Home (CMH) modules creates a microclimate, shielding the community from harsh elements and reducing temperatures in shared spaces. This enhances comfort during hot months while improving energy efficiency.


Our innovative roof design maximizes water retention and complements the water-wise landscape.


Additionally, a south-facing roof is equipped with solar arrays to supplement the community's energy needs.


Each CMH module features 6-8 compact units, each designed as a corner unit with ample windows and high ceilings, creating a bright and open ambiance.

UAH Diagram

Urban Awnings Housing™ is committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. By offering affordable and accessible housing options, we aim to contribute to the social fabric of urban areas, fostering inclusivity and diversity. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that enables individuals to thrive, whether it be in pursuit of their education, careers, or personal growth.



We built a fully-operational, full-scale unit of the Compact Multi-family Housing (CMH) Module at The Southwest Carpenters Training Fund Whittier Training Center in Los Angeles.


If you would like to request a tour the CMH Module please contact us  here 

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Contact Us

Ryan Eddy


411 S. Main Street Suite M 100

Los Angeles, CA  90013


Cell: (818) 231-8478

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