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the project

Urban Awnings Housing ™ introduces groundbreaking innovations that revolutionize the concept of high-density, neighborhood-scale living. Our project combines design excellence with high-performance and sustainable structures. The distinctive awning structure over the CMH modules creates a microclimate, shielding the community from harsh elements and reducing temperatures in shared spaces. This enhances comfort during hot months while improving energy efficiency. Our innovative roof design maximizes water retention and complements the water-wise landscape. Additionally, a south-facing roof is equipped with solar arrays to supplement the community's energy needs.



the prototype

Urban Awning Housing™ prototype in Whittier is a remarkable achievement made in collaboration with the Carpenters Union at their Whittier Training Center. This module served as a pivotal learning opportunity, enabling us to refine our design, construction methodology, and partnerships with all involved collaborators. The prototype features two ground-floor 2-bedroom units and four studio units on the second level. With ADA adaptable kitchens and accessible bathrooms, each unit offers ample light, tall ceilings, and a balcony or patio. Embodying modernity, dignity, and comfort, it sets a new standard for contemporary and comfortable living.

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